November 16th 2013.  NPC Easter USA Women's Physique,  3do. place winner


March 31st 2012 NPC Metropolitan .Women's Physique, 2do place winner.


  July 10th. 2010 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding Championship, 5th place winner women's lightweight.


Second consecutive Overall of Ms. Jones Beach USA 2009


2008 NPC Nationals Nov. 21st


2008  NPC Eastern USA Nov.15th.


NPC Team Universe, Sept. 06th 2008 


First Mrs. Jones Beach USA of 2008


2008 Arnold's Classic.OH


2007 NPC Eeastern USA, Nov. 10th.


2006 NPC Nationals, Miami, Nov 10th.


2006 NPC Eastern USA, Nov.04th.


2005 NPC Nationals, Vegas, NV.


2005 NPC Atlantic States, June 4th


2005 NPC New York Metropolitan, March 19th


2004 NPC Team Universe, Aug.6-7th.


2004 NPC Junior USA


NPC Eastern USA, November 8th, 2003


NPC NY Metropolitan March 29,2003


NPC Platinum Classic, July 13, 2002


NPC NY Metropolitan March 9th 2002



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 Bodybuilding Expos.


Contest preparation to NPC Eastern USA, Nov. 2003




Glenda Bozett Show Appearance, NPC Platinum July 12th  2003












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