Glenda Bozett, September 12th - 8 weeks out to the NPC Eastern USA, Nov 08th 2003


Week  08, Back Double Bicep, Sep. 12th




Week 08,Training Lats , Sep. 12th

Week 07, Front Single Bicep, Sep. 19th   Week  07, Side Chest , Sep. 19th    

Week 06, Front Single Bicep, Sep.27th

Week 06, One Arm Push up, Sep.27th


Hi Everybody, I came in 1st Place in Bodybuilding LW & 5th Place Figure ( short class)  on Nov. 08th-2003 at the  NPC Eastern USA in NYC




Week 06, Side Chest, Sep.27th

Week 06, Push up, Sep.27th

Glenda 1st Place Bodybuilding LW & 5th Place Figure (short class)





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